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speculator  |  80' merrit

Troy, it was a long ride, but we made it to the Dominican Republic - A long, long, ROUGH ride. That long ride however allowed a lot of evaluation. Just wanted you to know that everyone aboard (crew, guests, etc), and all whom had made multiple trips previously, commented on how smooth the boat is. In fact the smoothest it's ever been. For which I totally agree. AND, on the first 2 fishing days, 8 blue marlin bites. And that is the most important.

So, thank you for your patience in helping us sort thru our options, and for the diligence you and your guys take in caring that each propeller is not just another propeller to someone. This is a very good outcome, and one completely and solely to your credit for offering an alternative options and then executing it.


John Bayliss
tarheel  |  47' scarborough

I want to thank you for all of your hard work over the last 10 years. Since opening our boatyard, we have been very busy and through all of the fast turn-arounds and high demand you have come through for us every time. Your superior knowledge and outstanding customer service are unmatched. 

The props you tuned for “Carly A” about 2 weeks ago are awesome according to him. He has picked up 3 knots, right at 2300. He also dropped about 2 gallon side an hour. VERY HAPPY!!!!!!

Thanks so much!

John Bayliss

daryl S. smith
v.p. of operations  |  ocean marine yacht center

Troy and all of Wildcat Propellers

Thanks do much for the diligence and attention to detail on our latest project M/Y Donna Marie. The boat left us on Saturday, he made the transit up to the Annapolis area to meet the boss. The propellers worked flawlessly, no vibration and the captain was very happy.

Again thanks so much for the quality work…

Daryl S. Smith

mike cox
superyacht publications USa

Recommended unanimously by all the local yards and with a reputation that extends across the Chesapeake Bay; Troy Erb is “the man to go see about your props”. As one person commented, “Troy will take the time to explain what’s going on in a way that you can understand.” Equally as comfortable with large commercial “wheels” or small pleasure craft props, his use of and understanding of “Prop Scan” technology, enables Troy and his team to get the last percentage out of any propeller by tailoring it specifically to the boat and drive train in question.

His shop is clean, efficient, his team friendly and knowledgeable and a true pleasure to walk around and learn about what really makes a boat run well.

Mike Cox

greg span
canyon express  |  67' bayliss

I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided in the purchase and service of the props fro the Canyon Express. You always came through with fast and reliable service of the props on the old Canyon Express as well as providing and fine-tuning the props for the current Bayliss Boatworks Canyon Express.

We now have re-powered and as always you have accommodated our every need. Your expertise is second to none. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you for many years.

Greg Span

steve richardson
backlash |  57' jim smith

 A quick note to thank you for your excellent work over the last 5 years (those being years Wildcat worked on Backlash wheels), we have placed in the top three (first, second, third) for six tournaments. The smaller three blade wheels allow us to go slow for winter rockfish trips. And we like the economy of 20 knots/20 gallon/hr (combined). But I really get excited with the 24x27 ZF 4 blades. Your recommendations were right on: 30 knot cruise, 35 knot top end, zero cavitation, super smooth and (best of all) fuel economy!!! Right after we put the 4 blades on in Hatteras, we won the 2007 Hatteras Village Open with a 613# Blue Marlin and another release. 

If someone thinks you are too high - don't forget -you are saving them money on fuel. And that fuel expense is not likely to change!!!

Steve Richardson

john waechter
owner  |  perdue custom yachts

Once again you have worked magic on the props for “BLITZ”, the Perdue 35 Express. The props have never been better. Your work gave the 35 a comfortable 27kt cruise at 2250 turns burning less than 20 gallons an hour. It was already great, but now it’s off the charts outstanding.

We are also right on the money for the WOT with the Cummins QSB’s. The Owner, who has the 35 for sale right now (building a larger boat with Joe Perdue), is absolutely thrilled by the performance and fuel economy of the boat and thinks that it will contribute greatly to selling the boat in today’s economy and fuel prices.

Your knowledge and service are unmatched. We look forward to working with you again soon.

John Waechter

jeremy blunt
samurai  |  60' Hatteras

 Wow where do I start with how happy we are with Troy and his guys work at Wildcat. We have a 1979 60 Hatteras EB with 12V92 Detroit Diesels. The boat would cruise 19 knots while burning 80gph before we brought our props to Wildcat. I brought the props to Wildcat and Troy put the props on his Prop Scan unit. He spent the next hour explaining what the data was showing him and explained in detail what needed to be do to fix the props. His impressive knowledge of propellers made me confident I had made the right choice. When I returned to get the props Troy again went over the props and explained what work was done. By now I was eager to see how the boat would perform. Immediately I could feel the difference as the boat came up on plan nice and smooth all vibrations where gone. To my delight we gained 3 knots and cut fuel burn to 70 gph. When we started trolling the white water and turbulence were drastically reduced. The work Wildcat performed has been the best money we have ever spent on the boat.

Jeremy Blunt

jeff james
reel deal|  52' carolina custom

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the tour of your shop the other day. Needless to say, I was impressed with all of the hardware and 'software' that it takes to do your job. It is truly a marriage of technology and brute force. I enjoyed talking with you in the back shop and I appreciate the extra time you always take to make sure that even thickheaded guys like me understand the physics of what we need to do to achieve a certain level of performance in regard to our propulsion. I walked out feeling like I should've been carrying a diploma...Seriously though, your service is second to none and I know that the guys you serve in the fleet down here really appreciate the extra effort you give to keep us all rigged up. 

I am itching to run these new ZFs and I'll let you know how they feel and perform as soon as I get this steering cooler back on. If they're half as smooth as the old pair you tuned up for me, I'll be expecting plenty of flatline bites...Take care and I'll see you this weekend at John's.

Jeff James

mike standing
waterman  |  57' Carolina Custom

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know the results of my new ZF wheel. As you know this is my 3rd boat I have replaced with ZF wheels. The past boats I have gained between 1 and 1.5 knots. The last change over was aboard the newest "Waterman" a 57 foot custom carolina sportfish with a single 2100 RPM , 1000 h.p 3412 cat. My previous wheel ( High Torque 31x32) was replaced with a 32x32 ZF.

They both reach approximately 2140RPM's. My old cruise speed at 1750 RPM's was 22.5 knots. The new speed is 25 knots at 1750. The top end went from 27.5 knots to over 30 knots. I had two spare wheels that I had reworked by another company to class 1 and tried them both with nearly the same results.

In addition to the increased speed, I also have a remarkably smoother boat and I am burning less fuel. Thanks again Wildcat!!

Mike Standing

david walker
jesus freak  |  38' judge express

I have been meaning to email you for almost 2 weeks…….. I want to thank you for the great service on my props. Your team did a fantastic job. We got them on with the prop speed about 10 days ago, and dropped the boat in the water last Thursday for the run back around to Rudee. With a clean bottom and the new props we picked up 1.5 knots at both cruise and top end!! The boat bounced 35 knots at 3050 rpm/98 % load. Top speed prior when I picked the boat up new from the factory was 33.5 knots. What I really like is the cruise, better speed, fewer rpms, smaller fuel burn….. How can I go wrong? And we didn’t have to use the tabs. I can’t wait to see how they work in the blue water.

Thanks for all of your insight and for asking the right questions. 

David Walker

curtis struyk
61' Shearline

Thank you for your help with the selection and purchase of our new Veem wheels for my 61' Shearline.

They are everything I had hoped for, as we saw an additional three knots at top end and a significant reduction in vibration. We're also pushing a cleaner wake and burning less fuel! Most of all, I appreciate your accommodating professionalism during the process.

Wildcat Propellers came highly recommended to me and you still managed to exceed my expectations. On behalf of the Piracy crew, thank you for a job well done.

Curtis Struyk








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