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The WildCat Way

Precision, passion and perfection. Three simple words that drive daily life at WildCat Propellers. Propellers are no longer afterthoughts attached to the bottoms of boats. Their performance is critical to fuel costs, speed, ride and comfort. Precision is needed to maintain this kind of perfection. There’s only one place on the east coast that can promise and deliver on that kind of passion… WildCat. WildCat Propellers is a state-of-the-art facility equipped to handle all of your propeller needs. Whether its commercial, recreational, or military, our facility is setup to get the job done in the most efficient and expert manner. 

The WildCat campus is over 25,000 square feet of working space, thoughtfully divided into separate areas specializing in

- Thorough Propeller Inspection and Reporting
- Welding and Reshaping
- Commercial, Recreational, and Military Repairs
- Propeller Cleaning, Finishing, and Balancing

• Six Propeller Mapping Machines, including both Prop Scan and MRI Technology

• Five Heavy Duty Overhead Cranes, with lifting capabilities from 2,000 to 10,000lbs

• Six Measuring Tables, which can accommodate propellers anywhere from 6" to 24'

• Over Fifteen Rams, capable of pushing 5,000lbs up through 100,000lbs

• High Tech Security, including continuous video surveillance of all outside and inside facility areas






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At WildCat Propellers we GUARANTEE results. Your propeller will be tailored to suit your particular vessel. Utilizing our Prop Scan equipment, we can assure you your vessel will go faster, run smoother, use less fuel and run quieter. You will see decrease in fuel consumption, increased performance, reduced maintenance costs, eliminated propeller induced vibration, decreased drag and water friction.

At WildCat Propellers we provide the following services:
      •   Repair and refurbishment services for fixed pitch and controllable pitch propellers
      •   De-fouling, cleaning and inspection
      •   Dynamic balancing, static balancing and general balancing
      •   MRI / Prop Scan EPS and FARO propeller scanning
      •   Propeller products, services and repair for recreational, commercial and military propellers
      •   New and Used Propeller sales and services

We offer FREE scanning and analysis of your props and we work in compliance to ISO 484 Standards (Minimums are not applied). We also provide full documentation of all your repairs and modifications.






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WildCat Propellers was born in December 1999 by Larry and Allison Carlson, dedicated to pioneering the Australian technology known as Prop Scan, a method that uses an optical sensor connected to a powerful computer to detect the precise contours of a propeller blade. The Hampton Roads company took off and grew rapidly servicing commercial, recreational and military clients all over the east coast.

In 2005, Troy and Crystal Erb purchased the company and have continued to steadily grow the business expanding to new markets and services. Known throughout the entire marine industry, WildCat Propellers is known for their stellar customer service, quality of work and dependability. Dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of computer and design technology, propellers have become critical performance equipment which greatly impact the performance of their customer’s vessels. Perfection and precision are required with every job.








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