Crystal and Troy Erb


It started in 1999 when Troy Erb was hired by the owner Larry Carlson to help out around the shop of the original Wildcat Propellers. It was only a matter of time before Troy realized how big and unique Wildcat’s impact was on the marine industry. Soon after joining the company, Troy was sent to Australia to train at the state-of-the-art facility that introduced Propeller Dynamics (the developers of Prop Scan) to the American market.

It was there that Troy learned the Prop Scan methodology that uses an optical sensor connected to a powerful computer to detect the precise contours of a propeller blade. Troy’s ace-in-the-hole was his wife Crystal whose expertise was operations and business development.


 After learning the business inside and out, Troy knew the only way to take Wildcat to the next level was to purchase the company from Larry and Allison Carlson.

Together, Crystal and Troy purchased Wildcat in 2005 with plans to grow the company into expanding markets utilizing the Prop Scan technology and technologies that were on the horizon.

By combining technology with the tried-true method of first class, customer service and over the top quality work, Wildcat has continued to expand and grow while also sustaining growth through the Great Recession of 2008.

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Today, Wildcat is home to over 20,000 sq ft of warehouse, storage space, work space and a used sales warehouse that serves the entire Eastern Seaboard and destinations throughout America. Troy and Crystal are dedicated to serving their clients, growing the business and staying on the cutting edge of propeller technology.

Clients from across the nation have taken notice and rely heavily on the professionalism and end-product produced by Wildcat.

When Troy and Crystal are not at the shop, they are spending time with their beautiful daughter and cultivating their properties. Troy can be found chasing white-tails all over Canada, Virginia, and fishing for marlin with clients and friends.