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Hydrodynamic Profiling - Using Technology the Wildcat Way

WildCat Propellers has invested heavily in the most sophisticated computerized hydrodynamic inspection systems available in the marine industry today.

Our Senior Technicians have attended Propeller Dynamic’s Advanced Propeller School and have been educated and certified to a level that conforms to the US Navy Standards. With our three Prop Scan units we are capable of measuring propellers as small as 6” up to 28' with as many as seven (7) blades. Today’s complicated and sophisticated propellers can not be acceptably repaired with Traditional Equipment. Propeller Dynamic’s Windows based Prop Scan EPS software allows our technicians to quickly measure and evaluate modern propellers.

Prop Scan EPS – Enhanced Propeller Standards is used in the propeller repair and modification process and has been created to further enhance the well respected International ISO 484 Standards. The ISO 484 Standards were created prior to the modern computer technology and more importantly the sophisticated Prop Scan marine propeller inspection system.

Now your current propeller or an “off the shelf” propeller can be tailored to suit your particular boat and motor combination, maximizing vessel performance. If your propeller is damaged or vibrating, if the engine RPM’s are not correct, or just sluggish; WildCat Propellers can correct the problem! In addition we can introduce the latest design features into your propellers. Introduction of these design features will maximize the efficiency of your propellers, yielding extra speed, increased fuel economy, smoother running, and quieter propellers. The traditional crude propeller is converted into a sophisticated device that compliments both your engine and vessel. 


“Decrease vibration.
Burn less fuel. It's that simple.”

Troy Erb  |  wildcat owner

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PROP SCAN Dealing with Vibration

A boat should not vibrate.
Vibration is a sign of inefficiency, not only is it annoying, it can damage the engine or transmission, and it robs horsepower from the engines. Our experience shows that a majority of vibration on a vessel is propeller related.

Weight Imbalance - simple to fix. 

Pitch Imbalance is more difficult.
If one or more blades are higher in pitch relative to the other blades they will induce asymmetrical thrust resulting in a vibration problem. This is most often felt as vibration at a certain specific RPM. The propeller induces a whip in the shaft which is most noticeable when the RPM’s reaches the shaft’s harmonic speed. 

Hydrodynamic Imbalance
This is the most difficult. This requires measuring equipment not only capable of displaying the hydrodynamic shape but a Technician qualified to interpret both simple and complex propeller designs. Hydrodynamic imbalance can cause vibration throughout the entire RPM range even if the propeller has been statically balanced correctly. 

Our Prop Scan technicians at Wild Cat Props are Trained and Certified to deal with these problems.








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